JBL Bluetooth sport kopfhörer reflect mini 2 review

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JBL Bluetooth sport kopfhörer reflect mini 2 review. As you all know that JBL is a brand that provides high value in its products and has been here since the decade.

People not only love the brand and its products but also admire them as well and now it’s JBL has come up with its new product which is JBL Bluetooth sport kopfhörer reflect mini 2.

As the years are passing by, technology of headphones is increasing and getting better day by day.

Many people wonder about the word “sport” as you can see it is mentioned in the product’s name the sport.

Because this JBL Bluetooth sport kopfhörer reflects mini 2 gives a sporty look to its structure there are many Bluetooth headphones which have a bad structure design to its body. JBL Bluetooth sport kopfhörer reflect mini 2 review

The body structure of a bluetooth headphone should be good and attractive so people can get attracted to it easily. Bad designs bluetooth headphones are not preferable at all by people who prefer good looking bluetooth headphones and JBL makes sure that you get exactly that.

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JBL Signature Sound    

Sound plays a huge role in every Bluetooth headphones people buy headphones mostly because of music and songs. Day by day the craze of music and songs is increasing every month. There’s a new song and people need to hear those new songs in order to listen to them. You need Bluetooth headphones to give you the amazing sound. That’s why you need an excellent kopfhörer to listen to every new song which comes out, therefore JBL has the best sound signature for its customers, so buyers of JBL Bluetooth sport kopfhörer reflect mini 2 can be satisfied with its signature sound.

Battery Life / Speed Charging

Battery life is the important thing that every buyer looks for first. If Bluetooth headphone’s battery life is good then only people would purchase it otherwise no one is gonna purchase it at all and this JBL Bluetooth sport kopfhörer reflect mini 2 has the best battery life with 10 hours long. Plus, it doesn’t take that long to recharge it. I know many Bluetooth headphones that take forever to recharge but this kopfhörer is different from others. And it has the best battery life along with speed charging.

Remote with Microphone / Voice Assistant

I know that you must be thinking that it’s not a big thing to have remote controlled Bluetooth headphones. Because nowadays every company is providing remotes with Bluetooth headphones, so it’s no different but what different are its new two features known as microphone and voice assistant which comes along with JBL Bluetooth sport kopfhörer reflect mini 2

The microphone makes it easy for you to pick up calls easily while you’re driving if your important business calls start coming and you can’t take risks as your driving in that situation Bluetooth headphones can help you perfectly. Now let’s talk about its other feature which is voice assistant. Voice assistant makes it very easy for you to control the Bluetooth headphones for you. All you have to do is speak up and your headphones will follow whatever your demand is. It is like a Siri on the iPhone. Whatever your demand is you could just speak up and instruct it according to your will.

Ergonomic ear tips

These Bluetooth headphones are very comfortable and smooth, not gonna harm your ears at all because there are many Bluetooth headphones available in the market which harms your ear and makes it painful. Because every person’s ear is different in sizes and shapes It’s sweatproof, lightweight aluminum design is stylish as well. 

Product Information

  • Item weight: It is so light at the weight it’s weight is only 0.5 ounces and you can carry it anywhere you like.
  • Product Dimensions: As I said earlier the body design structure of Bluetooth headphones attracts the people and its dimensions are also important therefore it’s dimensions are 1.69 x 3.74 x 6.3 inches.
  • Batteries: it has the most powerful batteries ever 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
  • Manufacturer: JBL

How do I connect my JBL reflect mini 2 to my iPhone

This is the biggest question that jbl customers have: how do we connect it to the iPhone? Well to answer that question is pretty simple all you have to do is open the iPhone’s Bluetooth and then open the JBL Bluetooth sport kopfhörer reflect mini 2’s Bluetooth then you will be able to connect it with each other. It’s very simple. I don’t know why people think it’s hard to connect Bluetooth headphones to the iPhone. It’s super easy and after connecting it you can start listening to the songs you like it’s super easy.

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