Jbl bluetooth kopfhörer live 650BTNC Review

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Alright, So today we’re going to be talking about Jbl Bluetooth kopfhörer live 650BTNC review. Jbl live 650 bt NC now these are pretty inexpensive noise cancellation Bluetooth headphones.

They can be found for around 130 pounds in the UK and around 150 in us if you live in these territories or indeed elsewhere locally.

So first off what you get inside the box well you’ve got the headphones themselves as you might be aware. JBL Bluetooth kopfhörer live 650BTNC review, You’ve got a 3.5 millimeter to 2.5 millimeter interconnect.

So the 2.5 millimeter goes into the headphones you’ve got a USB to micro USB cable and it’s orange and it pretty much stands out like a sore thumb and then you’ve also got a carrying case.

Which i like to see included because a lot of manufacturers don’t actually include carrying cases. jbl bluetooth kopfhorer then you should get one. You also get a set of manuals which are inside but that’s not that important now in terms of the headphones themselves subjectively.

I think they look really good in comparison to other headphones that you can find in this price range. It’s actually quite refreshing to see a headphone that actually has some sort of fabric on it and comes in different colors.

I know that sounds really trivial to some people but again at this price range. It’s actually quite rare to find now the headphones that you can see in front of you are the blue variants there’s black.

white as well so it completely depends on your taste there’s the JBL logo which is kind of embossed in the on the side of the headphones and better. Still, in terms of the overall design, these headphones not only can be folded like that but can be folded inwards as well.

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JBL LIVE 650BTNC – Around-Ear Wireless Headphone with Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation

Now, We move on to active noise cancellation now. It’s worth bearing in mind these have got pretty good passive noise. Isolation due to their pretty good strong clan force, but in terms of noise cancellation. I compare them directly to the bose nc700 now those headphones are more than double its price. Of course, those headphones are flagship headphones and it comes as no surprise.

That those headphones do perform a lot better. But, it’s to be expected at around 130 pounds these headphones won’t compete with flagship set headphones. Like the bose the sony xm3s or let’s say for example other headphones out there even from jbl . But these did a really good job so much so that I couldn’t think of any other better headphones. If you want better noise cancellation and don’t want to spend far more money then you should buy Jbl Bluetooth kopfhörer live 650BTNC only.

Battery Life

These headphones have got 30 hours of battery life and take around two hours to charge. The full violent micro USB ports also support somewhat fast charging. So you can give them a quick 15-minute blast as well to get that little bit of extra juice. So in this respect, it’s pretty impressive to see these headphones actually perform well now moving on. Now, these headphones also have a long-lasting battery life which will make its owner relax and not worry about its battery ending quickly.

Recharging Time

These unique JBL headphones doesn’t take much time to recharge, it only needs a minimum of 2 hours of charging after that it will be good to go. I know many headphones out there which takes forever to recharge and they don’t even last very long it sucks when you’re in a gym or in a middle of something and then all of a sudden your headphone just switched off out of nowhere because of their low recharging time and battery life, therefore, JBL headphones are the best and I recommend it.

Bluetooth technology

Back in the day people didn’t know anything about the headphone’s Bluetooth. Bluetooth only used to be in phones but they thought about Bluetooth being in headphones. But nowadays people are very well aware of headphones Bluetooth because it has many benefits to offer Bluetooth technology makes it easy for you to connect your headphones to your device it only takes seconds to connect therefore it’s so beneficial. It can also be easily connected to a remote or mic. This feature is only available in jbl headphones; its power is just amazing and it’s Bluetooth catches connections from far away also.

Product Information

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Item weight: There are many headphones out there which are very heavy and bulky but these headphones are not really that heavy this jbl headphone weight is about 9.1 ounces.

Product dimension: I’ll also give you product size and dimensions so you won’t have to worry about its size and its dimensions are 8.07 x 3.15 x 8.78 inches. It has become very important to tell the dimensions of a product. Because people like to know the size of an kopfhörer before purchasing one.

Batteries: it has the best batteries in it and they are 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included) its battery power is something out of this world. It has very long-lasting batteries so you won’t have to worry about its battery life or recharging life. These types of batteries are very expensive and demandable. Not many headphones have these batteries, it’s one of a kind.

Are JBL headphones good

I know this is the million dollar question which every headphone’s lover has because there are many thousands of companies available in the market and everyone is promising to give the best headphones and I know it gets hard to choose when you have this many big companies and they are promising to give their best product to the customers.

Jbl is the company which has been in the business for a long time and has accomplished a lot since the past few years the founder James Bullough Lansing has been working hard since the 19th century and has given us some amazing products so the answer to this question is yes jbl headphones are the best headphones in the world today and their looks and audio quality is just excellent you can use it when going to the gym or jogging in the morning. These headphones give you the comfort that you just can’t miss.

I know there are many headphones out there which kinda hurts your ears.

When putting it on for too long but, these JBL headphones aren’t gonna hurt your ears at all.

Because they have soft and smooth skin therefore it is the best JBL headphones out there in the market.

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