Jbl bluetooth kopfhörer live 500bt review

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We’re going to be looking at a new pair of over the ear headphones in fact this pair is not even out yet.  I looked them up online and it doesn’t look like they come out until the first part of May but somehow my local target happened to have them.

I picked them up so that we can take a look at them for the first time alright so the pair I’m talking about is the JBL live 500 bt.

It looks a lot like JBL z55 series and to be honest, it’s very similar but there are definitely some improvements and very impressive value in these headphones. JBL Bluetooth kopfhörer live 500bt review

Alright so JBL in the past at least had a little drawstring pouch that you can throw the headphones in and at least feel comfortable that you can throw these in a bag without him getting scratched up.

But, these not coming with a case was the first thing I noticed. Just throw one of those really crappy bags in there just to keep this thing protected and although other than that you do get a micro USB cable for charging again. Now let’s talk about charging in-depth as mentioned below.

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How do you charge a JBL 500bt

As you all might know that JBL Bluetooth kopfhörer live 500bt comes with a Plugable USB-BT4LE USB 2.0 Bluetooth Adapter which makes it easy for you to charge all you have to do is plug it into the bottom side of the left earpiece.

Also, remember to plug in the connector in a straight way so it won’t break the charging port. USB-BT4LE USB 2.0 Bluetooth Adapter makes it very easy for Bluetooth kopfhörer to charge.

I see many of the Bluetooth headphones which come without a USB cable and it gets harder to charge those headphones but, JBL Bluetooth kopfhörer live 500bt makes everything easy for you.

Personi-Fi app feature

Jbl bluetooth kopfhörer live 500bt also comes with a personi-fi app feature which is just incredible this amazing feature can do the unthinkable in just a few steps.

It can easily tailor your voice based on your gender or age to give you the best listening experiences ever.

JBL has introduced this many features to their lover and fans and the people’s expectations were not that much and people are blown up with the features it is providing.

USB Bluetooth Adapter

JBL Bluetooth kopfhörer live 500bt’s USB Bluetooth adapter is a very high-quality adapter and it does not add low Bluetooth energy like Bluetooth 4.0.

It also has compatibility to window 7 which is seriously amazing and very impressive you can easily connect to your laptop and start using it without worrying about anything.

It will give an amazing sound to you if you connect it to your laptop. So use this amazing JBL Bluetooth kopfhörer live 500bt because it is the best JBL product to date.

Sound base

Now let’s talk about the most important thing that every individual waits for and that is sound base.

The sound base plays a huge role in a Bluetooth wireless headphone because 99% individual buys it for good sound and JBL Bluetooth kopfhörer live 500bt comes with massive 50mm drivers which gives you the quality you need.

I know there are many headphones which fail to satisfy a customer by not fulfilling the need of its buyers.

But, JBL is different from all other brands because JBL believes in quality over quantity. This is the reason that JBL is everyone’s favorite.  

Voice assistant

Now this amazing feature is gonna blow your mind. I’m pretty sure you have never heard this before that voice assistant feature comes in a bluetooth headphone, have you ever heard that?

Well, I can bet my house that you have not heard it before because it’s never been done before but JBL has introduced it now.

Voice assistant feature makes it easy for you to control the jbl bluetooth kopfhörer live 500bt easily you can also check the weather by just simply speaking.

You can also lower and raise the volume by just speaking; it can also change the mode of a bluetooth headphones just like a phone device.

I know now many of the brands will also introduce this feature in their Bluetooth headphones as well. But you should always know who invented this feature first and that is the best brand in the world JBL.


Wireless Bluetooth headphones are known for their comfortability because wire headphones make it very hard to move from one place to another therefore wireless headphones are more preferable by the people.

With wireless Bluetooth headphones, you could do a lot of sports activity easily without worrying about the wires that would come in your way while engaging in any physical activity.

I have seen people with wire Bluetooth headphones while doing a sports activity and they can’t concentrate on their work because the wires are coming in between therefore they’re getting pissed off.

This is one of the reasons that Bluetooth headphones makers decided to make wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Comfortability level and shape

This JBL Bluetooth kopfhörer live 500bt is unlike any other Bluetooth headphones it is super comfy to your head and ears.

It comes with a fitting fabric headband and super-soft ear cushions which will not make your ears hurt at all.

I have used a lot of headphones in the past and all of them hurt your ears a lot because they didn’t have a fitting fabric skin. That’s why it was super harsh.

But JBL Bluetooth kopfhörer live 500bt gives you the best comfort that you won’t find anywhere else.

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