Jbl bluetooth-in-ear kopfhörer live 300tws review

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Are You Looking For A jbl Bluetooth-in-ear kopfhörer live 300tws review, Before you buy it?

If yes then, Don’t look any further because I’m here to give you the best and honest JBL Bluetooth-in-ear kopfhörer live 300tws review possible.

When it comes to jbl Bluetooth-in-ear kopfhörer live 300tws review, There are a lot of people who are giving jbl Bluetooth-in-ear kopfhörer live 300tws reviews.

But the difference is that i believe in honest reviews instead of fake and false claims, Therefore my reviews have always been very true and honest.

In my opinion a person should always look for a review before actually buying a product, Because reviews make it easy for customers to decide which one to buy and which one not to buy.

I have seen many people who have purchased a product without seeing the reviews of an actual product and later on they regret it.

So, If you’re really interested in purchasing a jbl bluetooth-in-ear kopfhörer live 300tws, Then i’ll tell you everything about it.

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About The Product


  • JBL SIGNATURE SOUND: Its signature sound is just way too good and it is small in size. But gives massive packing serious power. It is a very powerful wireless headphone and it gives the audio that you expect from the JBL brand Because JBL is known for delivering the best audio headphones worldwide.
  • AMBIENT AWARE & TALK THRU: These headphones are not only for music and songs. But it can also turn it into a talk thru headset. You can easily chat with your friends all day long and attend meetings through the talk thru the feature in it. Then you can easily change it’s settings to earbuds for songs and music beats.
  • UP TO 20 HOURS OF BATTERY: I know many people are worried about the battery. Because the battery is one of the main things that a buyer looks for when it comes to buying JBL headphones. JBL LIVE 300TWS Bluetooth headphones give you up to 6 hours of playback on a single charge. Which is just amazing to have in your headphones and also  Pop them into the charging case for up to an additional 14 hours of listening. Get a one-hour boost in just 10 minutes. I don’t think there’s any headphone out there, which gives you this much great battery life.
  • WIRELESS EARBUDS: These are wireless headphones earbuds that come without any wire or so. You can easily take it anywhere you like without worrying about wires. Usually what happens is when a person uses a wired headphone they tend to think about its wires coming between everything. For example, if you’re exercising in a gym with wired headphones they would disturb you again and again by coming in between every set. In these cases wireless are best, you won’t have to worry about wires at all.
  • STEREO CALLS: This feature is very new and unique only Jbl Bluetooth-in-ear kopfhörer live 300twS has this amazing feature. What you can do is you can take your music along with you for a ride and still stay connected with perfect, stereo clear calls with no background noise. It gives you the freedom of listening to any music songs, it is hand-free functional with all touch control systems.
  • PRODUCT’S DIMENSIONS: Everyone wanted to know the exact dimensions of a Jbl Bluetooth-in-ear kopfhörer live 300tws. By knowing the dimensions of a JBL headphone the buyer can easily calculate the space they have in their pocket. The exact dimensions are 3.94 x 1.81 x 6.3 inches, hope this would help you.
  • ITEM WEIGHT: The weight of JBL headphones does not matter that much. Because they are quite less in weight and you can easily carry it anywhere you like. The weight does not really matter. But still, I will tell you the exact weight of a Jbl Bluetooth-in-ear kopfhörer live 300tws is 2.32 ounces.

Can you wirelessly charge the case

This question is one of the most asked questions ever, but today i’m going to answer this question for everyone.

To answer this question is “No” JBL Live 300 cannot be charged wirelessly, You can’t charge it wirelessly.

You’ll need to plugin the charger, in order to charge it fully.

I hope now you will be satisfied because this question was on everyone’s tongue and it is not a bad thing to ask questions. By asking the questions you clear your doubts. Which is must for everyone to clear their doubts.

Do jbl Bluetooth-in-ear kopfhörer live 300tws work on iPhones

The answer is very simple and it is “YES” it is compatible with apple’s iphones and macbooks and tablets also.

But in computers you’ll need to install the drivers first, then only it will work.

Installing the drivers is quite easy for instructions; you can also check out the JBL officials website also. If you need help to install drivers correctly.

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